How to Create Tasks

Creating tasks that are effective is an art and a science.

You want to do things that will optimize efficiency and you want to be organized and succinct so it looks aesthetically pleasing as opposed to a giant to-do list.

You probably want to create tasks that are divided into small chunks, that are easily manageable and do-able.

Large tasks aren’t great to put on your to-do list, for instance. You don’t want to just say Write a Book on your To-Do List. There is so much that goes into writing a book.

With TaskChat, we broke down the concept of creating tasks effectively by creating something called Projects.

This is where you ca invite certain members of your team to that project and you can create tasks within the project and assign them to whoever is located within that specific project, and chat with your co-workers and employees regarding the task.

You are better off creating Write a Book as a project considering how much goes into it.

Breaking up your tasks to tasks that can be accomplished from anywhere within 15 minutes to 4 hours generally ensures quality, accuracy, and completion.

Writing Introduction to Book and Researching Star Wars for Chapter 9 Content are manageable tasks.

With TaskChat, you can create tasks efficiently.

You can sign up for free to try it.

Create a task underneath a certain project (a division, a department, or a long project that will take a period of time longer than a few days to complete).

You will have to Name the task, select whether it is a phone call, a meeting, or a general task.

Then you’ll assign the due date, the estimated time of completion, an alarm notification, and which team members are assigned to the task.



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