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Here are some world-class features you will help us implement.
  • Out From Work Feature – If a person on your team is out sick, you will be able to automatically assign all tasks that person has while out sick or out on vacation to a qualified employee. It will automatically fill the tasks into open time slots.
  • File Sharing Feature – No more Dropbox. No more file sharing apps. We will include a file sharing system where you can upload files and quickly send them to your team members in an organized way. Don’t you hate sending files on chat messages because of how unorganized all your files are? You have to constantly dig and search for images or files that were sent months ago. Our system will be neat and organized so every time you send a file, it will be stored into the appropriate folder.
  • Working Hours Feature – Users will be able to set what times they work, so they cannot get tasks assigned outside of that realm.
  • Bump Task to Next Available – Ever have a task that comes up that you simply can’t get to? You will simply be able to touch one button to bump your task down to the next time slot, the next day or cancel it altogether.
  • Bump Feature to Next Day – You can hit one button to bump all pending tasks on your calendar to the next day.
  • Override Button – Want to schedule a task, but that task is conflicting with another task? Instead of shuffling tasks around in time slots, you can just hit one button to override the task and push the task that’s in that time slot down to the next available time slot or shift all your tasks down one slot.
  • Lead Management System – Separate leads into 3 categories: Clients, Warm Leads, Cold Prospects where you can quickly text, email, or call your leads, prospects, and clients quickly. Also organize the leads by specific projects.
  • Lead Templates – Have pre-loaded email and text templates so you can quickly email or text clients based on what project they’re associated to.
  • Employee Productivity Screen – Get quick real-time data on employee’s productivity including workload and which tasks are the performers in your company and which aren’t as high performing.
  • Integrations with Zapier, Google, Outlook
  • CSV Task Import to turn several rows into tasks in the appropriate project
  • CSV Employee Import to invite thousands of employees onto the platform at once
  • Visual project management features where you can toggle between views of tasks
We are looking for value added investors who can help in a multitude of ways either with capital investment, relationships, and/or considerable assets to bring to the partnership. Please contact us below if you are interested in becoming a partner in TaskChat.
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