Organizing Multiple Businesses

Many entrepreneurs have multiple businesses that they have multiple tasks for.

Perhaps you are an entrepreneur with several ventures.

Sometimes it is hard to organize and keep track of it all.

With TaskChat you can manage multiple businesses and toggle between tasks and projects from one venture or business to another.

Let’s say you have 10 employees who work for Company A.
And you have 5 differently employees who work for Company B.

Let’s say you have tasks and assignments that you want to send each employee and you don’t want Company A to interact or commingle data with Company B.

You can keep everything separate with TaskChat.

Just sign in to Company A. Then invite all your Company A workers to TaskChat. Then, assign Company A workers tasks and chat with them based on current endeavors you are working on.

Then, sign in to Company B. Invite all your Company B workers to TaskChat. Then, assign Company B workers tasks and chat with them.

Company A workers won’t know what is going now with Company B workers unless you want them to.

What is also great is you don’t have to sign out and sign back in again between companies. Once, you are signed in you can easily toggle back and forth between both businesses without having to log in. Once you’re logged in, you stay logged in.

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