Creating tasks that are effective is an art and a science. You want to do things that will optimize efficiency and you want to be organized and succinct so it looks aesthetically pleasing as opposed to a giant to-do list. You probably want to create tasks that are divided into
Many businesses have different divisions within their organization. Graphic Development, Web Development, Product Development, Technical Support, Sales Team You have different people working on different things. As you know, it is important to keep communications succinct within those departments. With TaskChat, you probably want to create these departments as projects
TaskChat allows you to create tasks and assign those tasks to your co-workers. You’ll be able to chat with your co-workers, employees, freelancers, colleagues, and workers in real-time as opposed to leaving messages for them to get to later. You’ll also be able to auto-assign all of these tasks to
Sometimes it’s hard to guess how to plot out your schedule to maximize efficiency. For instance, you know you have to write up a report, you know you have to do a staff meeting, and you know you have several other tasks to complete. Here’s what you could do. Let
Many entrepreneurs have multiple businesses that they have multiple tasks for. Perhaps you are an entrepreneur with several ventures. Sometimes it is hard to organize and keep track of it all. With TaskChat you can manage multiple businesses and toggle between tasks and projects from one venture or business to
Sometimes it’s hard to guess how to plot out your schedule to maximize efficiency. We wanted to create the easiest to use calendar. Have a task that needs to be done? Great! Here’s what you do! Create a task. Organize it in one of your project names. pick a name for
Do you have a current system that you employ to talk with your employees on a daily basis? Most organizations have Friday meetings. They schedule goals, objectives and discuss the positives of what went on during the week. In the interim, the supervisors send out emails to their employees. When
Have you ever wondered what the best type of app communication is? How should you organize your business? It is something that can manage your tasks, right? We all need a good planner that shows us what we have to do on our to-do list. Then, we need a good