Sometimes it’s hard to guess how to plot out your schedule to maximize efficiency.

For instance, you know you have to write up a report, you know you have to do a staff meeting, and you know you have several other tasks to complete.

Here’s what you could do.

Let TaskChat’s calendar find the openings for you and schedule these tasks automatically.


Our algorithm.

TaskChat has proprietary algorithm that understands your tasks, looks through your current schedule, and schedules tasks around your current tasks based on how long you need to complete them by and when they need to be done by.

It is all based on when your task is due. If you need something today, it will fit the task in by the end of the day within the allotted time you need to complete the task by.

if it is due tomorrow, no worries schedule the priority as tomorrow.

Sometimes, we don’t prefer to pick a time for a task.
This is why TaskChat is better than Google calendar or other calendar apps out there. I want my app to pick a time for me. This is how I can create quick tasks.

You can schedule the task for today, tomorrow, this week, this month, or as a long term goal with no real urgency attached to it. What’s neat is that if this is a long-term idea that you want to get to down the road, then it will schedule something for you automatically at a more open time in the near future.

TaskChat revolutionizes the way people do business. It takes the guesswork out of managing your day to day business operations.
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