Sometimes it’s hard to guess how to plot out your schedule to maximize efficiency.

We wanted to create the easiest to use calendar.

Have a task that needs to be done?


Here’s what you do!

Create a task. Organize it in one of your project names.

pick a name for your task. Then, provide an estimate for how long you think it will take to complete.

15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours?

If it doesn’t fit in one of those time slots you probably are either writing down too many tasks throughout the day or you are not chunking your tasks up appropriately to maximize efficiency.

Then, select when it needs to be completed by.

Today, Tomorrow, This Week, This Month, or is it a Long-Term Goal

TaskChat will automatically find an opening in your calendar based on the priority you select and assign the task at an appropriate time.

If you picked 30 minutes This Week for example, TaskChat automatically knows it needs to be complete by the end of this week but it will prioritize tasks that need to be complete within the 48 hours coming up.

TaskChat revolutionizes the way companies work because it understands your needs and helps your business operate seamlessly with all the projects and tasks you have going on.

Download TaskChat for your DesktopiPhone, or Android today.