Do you have a current system that you employ to talk with your employees on a daily basis?

Most organizations have Friday meetings. They schedule goals, objectives and discuss the positives of what went on during the week. In the interim, the supervisors send out emails to their employees.

When running a business, you want to have great communication with your staff so there is organization throughout the business. Often, businesses run out of chaos. They try to bring in order by sending out and answering emails when they get an idea. Other organizations are run a little bit better by using tools out there that focus on task management. One step better but it leaves a lot to be desired.

What about scheduling tasks to the right employees and then communicating with them in real-time about the progress of those projects?

With our platform TaskChat, you create a project. Then, you invite your team members that you work on that project with to that project name. Then, you assign tasks to specific people within that project. Then, you can chat directly with those people or to all the team members so they can be kept up to speed about the project.

Let’s say you have a marketing team and you working on a few ad campaigns.

You want to create a project called Marketing.

Let’s say Bob, Jane, and Bill are part of marketing.

You want to invite Bob, Jane, and Bill to Marketing.

Then let’s say Bob and Jane are working on Ad Campaign #1.

Bill and Jane are working on Ad Campaign #2.

With TaskChat, if you want to assign tasks regarding Ad Campaign #1 just to Bob and Jane, you can do that.

If you want to assign tasks to Bill and Jane regarding Ad Campaign #2, you can do that.

It will alert the appropriate people and show up right on their phone as a task when it starts.

Also, let’s say you want to chat about Ad Cmapign #1 and #2 and you want to compare the differences, you can easily do that in TaskChat.

Even if you have 50 employees, only Bob Jane and Bill will see the communications regarding the project.

This is so easy and everything can be done right on your mobile phone as well as desktop.

Download TaskChat for your DesktopiPhone, or Android today.