Question: What is the purpose of TaskChat? How will it make my business more efficient?

Answer: TaskChat allows you to create tasks and assign those tasks to your co-workers. You’ll be able to chat with your co-workers, employees, freelancers, colleagues, and workers in real-time as opposed to leaving messages for them to get to later. You’ll also be able to auto-assign all of these tasks to your calendar based on priority.


Question: What kind of tasks can I create?

Answer: Phone Calls, Meetings, or General Tasks


Question: Can I call people directly from TaskChat?

Answer: Yes! Absolutely. When you set up a task click the phone icon and you can select which contact from your phone you will be calling. Then on your calendar scroll the task over to the right and you’ll access the call feature which will allow you to call directly from TaskChat.

This helps you be more prepared for your scheduled phone calls and you don’t need to scour your phone book to first find out their number.


Question: Will I be able to get directions to my meetings for TaskChat?

Yes we synced with Google and Apple Maps so you can search locations and get directions. When you are creating a task, click the Meeting icon and then you’ll select where the meeting is and with whom it is with.

On your calendar, scroll the meeting to the right and you’ll see the map icon which if you will click will give you accurate directions to your location.


Question: How do I create a task?

Answer: Create a task by hitting projects and then hit add a new task. Once there you’ll receive a tutorial on how to create a task.

You will have to Name the task, select whether it is a phone call, a meeting, or a general task.

Then you’ll assign the due date, the estimated time of completion, an alarm notification, and which team members are assigned to the task.


Question: How do I assign a task for a certain date?

Answer: Click custom date under priority.


Question: What are projects for?

Answer: So you can separate different tasks based on the employees working on that particular set of tasks.

For instance many businesses to choose to have graphic development, Web Development, Product Development, Technical Support, Sales Team as projects in their organization. Given that some employees will be doing tasks in some divisions as opposed to other divisions, it is best to separate the communications and tasks between the projects.

This way you can keep chats and project tasks organized and separate.


Question: Why is it effective for my business to have auto-assigned tasks?

Answer: Some task management systems use quadrant systems to prioritize tasks. We find that complicated. We want to simplify the idea of task management. Does something need to be done today? Tomorrow? This week? This month?

We scroll through your calendar automatically and we find the nearest available opening!


Question: When I assign a task based on priority what happens?

Answer: An amazing feature with TaskChat is the auto assign feature. When you click tomorrow it will automatically scroll through your calendar and find an opening in your calendar for the following day. You can also select Today, Tomorrow, This Week, This Month, or Long Term Idea if you’d like TaskChat to assign a task for you based on the priority date you select.


Question: What happens when I assign multiple team members to a task?

Answer: Each team member will receive a notification that they have received a task. It will also appear in their project tasks and their calendar.


Question: How do I turn notifications off?

Answer: There are two sets of notifications. Email notifications and push notifications. Please go into settings and click off the notifications you don’t want to receive.


Question: How do I sign another business to TaskChat?

Answer: With TaskChat, you can have multiple businesses without logging in and logging out. Open the menu in the upper right. Then click the icon to the right of your name.

You’ll be able to set up a new business exactly the way you initially signed in through TaskChat. Just purchase a plan appropriate for your company size with the correct number of members and use a different email address and company name than the one you’re currently using.