How to Use TaskChat

TaskChat allows you to create tasks and assign those tasks to your co-workers. You’ll be able to chat with your co-workers, employees, freelancers, colleagues, and workers in real-time as opposed to leaving messages for them to get to later. You’ll also be able to auto-assign all of these tasks to your calendar based on priority.

First, you will want to create projects.

Projects are like big divisions within your organization.

For instance, if you have 3 web developers, you probably want to create a project called Web Development.

Maybe you are working on a new proposal called Test Flight.

You can create tasks within Test Flight.

Pick a project that you want to break into multiple tasks.

If you work with a certain number of co-workers or employees, you’ll be able to assign tasks to them based on what projects they are involved in.

Second, you will want to invite all your members to TaskChat and then add them to specific projects based on what they’re working on and who they need to talk to.

If they don’t belong to a project they cannot see the tasks within the project or be involved in chat sessions associated with that set of tasks and people.

Third, you will want to create tasks within projects.

You can create meetings, calls, or specific tasks and set the exact time or let TaskChat automatically find openings in your calendar by using the priority function.

The idea of TaskChat is not to create 5 minute tasks or to create 3 week tasks. 5 minute tasks are too small to where you are spending lots of the managing your schedule as opposed to actual work. 3 week tasks are probably way too vague where you are doing hundreds of mini tasks within that 3 week project. Instead, you want to turn that 3 week task into its own project.

That’s why we simplified the estimated time to complete tasks within the designated time slots as shown:
15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours

TaskChat has really revolutionized the way companies manage their work, making think more in terms of results as opposed to just writing tasks for the sake of filling up your schedule.

It’s very simple to join TaskChat. It’s free. And you’ll get to keep your entire business organized with the right people completing the right work.

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